[WoW] Rodann - Highmountain Tauren Male

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Another original character of mine, Rodann, a Highmountain Tauren hunter ^^

Remember to ping me if you find issues with the model! Can reach me on Tumblr, Twitter, Discord if you can find me! I didn't put as much effort into this model as Enuleth, since he's a male and most likely won't be put into complicated positions, deformations should hold up find without a support rig ( ' - ')b


  • Standard IK setup thingy
  • Several adjustment bones for help with posing
  • Finger controllers!
  • Crappy nipples
  • Custom loincloth + pouchy thing, the loincloth mainly controlled with cloth physics but has some basic rigging for initial posing
  • Face controlled via original game bones
  • Original mesh from WoW heavily edited by moi
  • Custom hands with nails
  • Fully merged horsedonger, not just super glued on ( ' - ')b
  • Redone textures, including pretty painted balls!
  • He has a pretty nice butt too! Complete with bootyhole, it's unrigged right now though D:

Once again, I didn't set him up with modularity in mind, with the edits I think it would be tough to swap in other textures and stuff, but if you have the know-how feel free to use him as a basis for your own characters!


  • Blizz for beef
  • Me for doing all the work ( ' - ')
  • Shaotek and Mikeymack for the horsedong model + textures

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HM_Preview_Lewd.png 566 2018-05-14 6.65 MB
HM_Preview_Lewder.png 628 2018-05-14 6.51 MB
Rodann_FBX.rar 1239 2018-05-14 26.03 MB
Rodann2.blend 1824 2018-05-14 26.03 MB