[Overwatch] Nude Nova Widowmaker, complete with rig (.blend).

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The tutorial is included in the file itself, so watch that first, it's also uploaded as a rendered high subdivision version here, in case your cpu sucks like mine and the fps tanks; https://gfycat.com/ReliableFirsthandAfricangoldencat

Some features of this model and my rig:

  • IK Hips
  • Boob/Butt/Hair physics, with collisions
  • Easy facial controls
  • Head and Eyes look targets
  • IK Hair and Simulated Hair
  • Automatic butt/thighs/knees deformation, thus Extreme poses don’t look horrible
  • Easy Genital/Anus controls with push/pull.
  • A lot of other stuff, test it and find out yourself.

Credits: Ellowas for the genitals and boobs. Ellowas and Metssfm for the OW style hair shader. Blizzard for Widow/OW. Me(MeltRib) for everything else.

Update 1.2.2: Much easier to switch between nude legs/feet on/off with the new rig “slider”. Also a few changes and improvements to other parts of the rig and the skin texture.

Last update, I hope, 1.2.3: You can now scale the model perfectly from the root bone, I do not suggest that though, since it will not work well with the physics sims. Also fixed/changed some other things pointed out by people.

And about the licence, legally speaking, since this model isn't 100% my own IP, I cannot really set any kind of a real licence for, but I'd appreciate if you mentioned me when you use the model :)

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