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Serath from Paragon, brought into Blender. She can be stripped completely nude or fully clothed, and the properties bone also contains other options, such as shader quality and subdivision. Cloth physics is available, albeit not hair.

  • Full IK support for limbs, spine, and head. Feet have footRoll and toe control.
  • Custom face rig
  • Full clothing customizability
  • Holy and Unholy dynamically switchable using properties bone w/ smooth transitions
  • Hair/cloth physics
  • Properties bone
  • Vagina and anus controls, now improved
  • Automatic twist bones and corrective shape keys
  • PBR shaders for all materials, albeit with an eyeballed SSS radius. Textures generated using Cycles nodes.
  • Based on Neroticus's build-a-bod w/ HD Daz textures

If you'd like to support me, follow my tumblr @ By the way, the license means you can't gate a modified version of the model itself behind a paywall for whatever reason, patreon shit is fine i guess

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FallenAngel.7z 2723 2018-02-23 346.47 MB
serathdemonschlickhips_graded.png 644 2018-02-23 2.08 MB
hairskin.png 600 2018-02-23 306.1 KB
angelpuss.png 694 2018-02-23 544.78 KB
serathEvilHalfLaying.png 574 2018-02-23 4.0 MB
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