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*Warning you will need animation nodes addon in order to be able to change the facial textures.

Abby is a character from a short indie game called "Poke Abby" by OXO Potion.

Model Features:

• Full rigify rig
• Removable Clothing
• Full nude body
• Color selection for eyes, lips, hair, and skin
• SSS Skin shaders
• *Animatable textures for eye/mouth

All credit for the model goes to OXO Potion, I just mushed it into Blender and made it a bit more user-friendly.

Filename Downloads Created Filesize
Abby.blend 1999 2018-02-15 13.06 MB
Abby_Cute.jpg 710 2018-02-15 127.17 KB
Abby_50_Shades.jpg 721 2018-02-15 102.9 KB
Abby_Presenting_fcu9yWl.jpg 746 2018-02-15 109.77 KB
44b10f870f329de99db8cd8c81e10191.gif 1082 2018-02-15 1.43 MB