[HoTS] Genie Chromie


Hi everyone, this is a nude model of Genie Chromie from HoTS with her original "armor" included. I have not included any advanced rig because I personally prefer a bare skeleton + constraints for animating.

This is my first model so please let me know if there are any issues or improvements that can be made. Enjoy!

Has a very basic principled BSDF setup. I have included the spec maps but not attached their nodes because the spec maps of the original body clash with the nude body, however the original spec map can be used if not using the nude body.

The pussy is NoodleBox's goo-vagoo, and is parented to, but separate, from the main armature.

DISCLAIMER: I realised I made several mistakes with the model, especially the hip area, which makes it unusable for many poses. I will not have the time to fix it shortly, so apologies to all. I'm leaving the model up for people who want to try and use it, but it is not a finished product

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