Ultimate Pharah [Blender] - Overwatch

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2 decades in the making, but it's finally here.

Check out this document to learn what the rig can do and where to find cool stuff. Seriously, I put a bunch of effort into that thing, LOOK AT IT, NOW.


  • Cycle between a ton of her in-game skins with by changing the Skin value.
  • Each skin has custom textures for the nude body.
  • Each piece of armor can be removed separately.
  • Proportions toggle to switch between canon and realistic proportions. You would only use canon if she is fully armored.
  • DAZ body with Ellowas vagina.
  • Most DAZ sliders are still intact, so you can shape her body.
  • Pretty easy to use even for noobs if you actually bother to look through the document linked above.


  • Requires Blender 2.79
  • Textures are a separate download, extract in the same folder as the blend.
  • Click "Reload Trusted" when opening.
  • You should make sure to only have those layers enabled which you are using to maximize FPS.
  • I included some lewd sounds ripped from the game as a separate download.

I'm pretty proud of this one so I hope you'll like it and use it!

My rig(armature/skeleton) is public domain. Pharah, her meshes and textures are property of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Don't sell anything you make with this or they could come knocking at your door. Keep it free, keep it fair.

Filename Downloads Created Filesize
Skins.webm 855 2017-12-22 387.78 KB
2_frostbite.png 670 2017-12-22 1.27 MB
2_posessed.png 564 2017-12-22 1.24 MB
2_raptorion.png 553 2017-12-22 1.5 MB
2_Anubis.png 606 2017-12-22 1.58 MB
2_thunderbird.png 598 2017-12-22 1.36 MB
Rig.png 909 2017-12-23 976.56 KB
Pharah_V1.4.blend 1469 2018-07-17 27.62 MB
sounds_Pharah.7z 820 2018-07-17 237.73 KB
textures_Pharah.7z 1317 2018-07-17 241.44 MB