Slave harley egyptian

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Original model by : MikeyMack

Exported on blender, retextured and added some outfits by : Colonel Yobo

Alternative skin and outfits by me

What is added ? :

-Change colours of nails directly in blender -Egyptian hyrogliphe tatoos on the body -Slave outfit like collar and cuff -Leg warmers retextured -Face retextured -Mask by Barbell added -Eyes retextured -Piercings of lordaardvark added

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Harley_face_edited.png 474 2017-12-04 3.55 MB
Harley_slave_presentation_close_up_edited.png 480 2017-12-04 4.87 MB
Harley_slave_presentation_all_view_edited.png 492 2017-12-04 2.91 MB
Harley_slave_egyptian.blend 1232 2017-12-04 47.43 MB
Harley_slave_presentation_edited_ZtXNwt0.png 460 2017-12-04 590.06 KB