Zeppelin Bridge


Ripped from Styx: Shards of Darkness. The meshes are not quadrangulated, so subsurf will not work without doing so. Mainly intended for indoor shots, but it does have an exterior good enough for outdoor shots from some angles. After fiddling with volumetric lighting for 3 hours, I would recommend not using it with this scene unless you have a beefy computer or access to a render farm, due to the abundance of windows. Textures are packed into the .blend.

Update November 17th 2017: added missing captain's wheel, fixed hovering chair, fixed inverted Z normals on floorboards

Update November 18th 2017: various significant material improvements and fixes, separated lamp and gave it some emission for appearance and put a point light inside of it for lighting, separated and hid the ugly burlap sack by default, it's still there, just hidden.

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