[Overwatch] Pharah v2.0 for Blender 2.79

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This is a model of Pharah from Overwatch. I decided to make this after I got fed up with the limitations of Source FilmMaker. The model is made for Blender 2.79 and the reason for that is the Principled Shader.

The model is rigged and comes with various armor parts which you can toggle on and off. It also uses a bodymorph so you can adjust variious things such as body weight, breasts size and so on.

>>> Please read the NEW user guide <<<

Download the PSDs for the textures here

If the textures won't load, then relink them

Changes in v2.0

New features:

  • added new shoes, baseball cap, fingerless gloves, new bikinis and new materials for the sports outfit
  • added dominatrix outfit
  • added rock outfit
  • added bodysuit
  • added extra hairdos: short hair, side ponytail, pigtails
  • added Asp armor
  • added rocket launchers
  • added sweat textures
  • added runny makeup
  • added piercings
  • added tanlines
  • added hand muscles shapekeys
  • added simple props

Bug fixes:

  • fixed a bug with nails floating when posing toes
  • smoothed out a visible seam area around the upper thighs
  • fixed a deformation issue with the neck


  • improved the geometry of the sports bra a bit plus updated the materials
  • added hair speculars from the game
  • toned down the normals on the body
  • added extra sideburns and improved the back of the head part of the ponytail
  • added abdomen plate for the default armor

2.0.4 changes

  • removed leftover items and scenes
  • reset shoulder bones rotation
  • fixed broken weight painting for the sunglasses
  • fixed small weight painting issue with the stockings

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