Ginny Character ( rigged ) BLENDER

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This is the slutty teen called Ginny, I made her from different part of diverse models ( head from Soul Calibur, body from Smite, vagina of Tina Rig by Ganonmaster and hair styles by AnnaD ). She is rigged and ready for animation ( thanks to kazugin with his sexy CreepySuzie who help me to finish the rig). I'm really amateur so don't expect a super complex rig/mesh. I'm open to any advice or suggestion.

I'm really impatient to see what you gonna to do with it, contact me and show me your creation at ( I think i'm gonna to regret it ) No gore or furry shit plz I just hate that. just plz plz...

You can Share and modify but not use for commercial. Please prevent me for other use. Don't need to credit me.

Have a nice day !

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Ginny_Smutbase.blend 1446 2017-10-15 53.67 MB
Ginny1.png 479 2017-10-15 302.77 KB
Ginny2_xDqzH6L.png 437 2017-10-15 319.25 KB
Ginny3.png 450 2017-10-15 278.04 KB
Ginny4.png 429 2017-10-15 268.21 KB