[Batman AK] Nude Harley Quinn w/ Leg Warmers for Blender


This is pretty much a port of Mikey's Nude Harley Model for SFM

Some stuffs:

  • A shoddy IK rig that I setup like 5 months ago
  • Pretty awful shaders that you should probably change if you have any standard of quality
  • Mesh is (mostly) quadded, probably
  • Weighting is mostly untouched from Mikey's SFM port
  • No clothes or anything because I guess I broke them some time ago and just got rid of them, who needs clothes anyway
  • Custom leg warmers courtesy of yours truly, probably not weighted very well
  • Its an old model and I just wanted to contribute something shutup alright

Credits go to Rocksteady for the original Harley model and textures, and Mikey for the original model!

Filename Downloads Created Filesize
wip8.png 1622 2017-01-03 2.79 MB
Harley_Nude_AK_Textures.rar 3405 2017-01-03 32.08 MB
HarleyNudeAK.fbx 2776 2017-01-03 3.97 MB
HarleyNudeAK_VOAXTW6.blend 4806 2017-01-03 142.46 MB