Lewd Shantae for Blender

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Rafa Knight's new Shantae model rigged for Blender

Disclaimer: I ported the model from the SFM Workshop and didn't touch the weights, so they might be sub-par for Blender because of SFM's 3 vertex weight limitations


  • My usual IK rig that I use for most things
  • Footroll and toeroll controllers added because I felt like it
  • Also added individual bones to the toes, because I’m me
  • New experimental finger controllers
  • Original bones and weights from the SFM model
  • Added a vagoo and butthole for lewding, vagoo is rigged with bones, butthole is primarily controlled via the shapekey and has bones for adjustments
  • Meshes are fully quadded
  • I didn't put that much effort into shaders, feel free to change them!

Important note about her eyes:

Unlike most models her eyes aren't 3D, they are just planes with an eye texture, and as such they are controller via UV Projection modifiers. I haven't figured out how to best get it working in Blender, her eyes are currently controlled via unparented bones on the rig, you only need to move them a tiny about to rotate the eyes properly, if anyone has tips on how to get them working more like normal viewtarget eyes I'd appreciate the help, but for now you'll just have to make do!


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